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“Call at 9:45 am on 8/22” That’s the subject line of an email I received the other day. It got my attention right away. In fact, my immediate thoughts were: “Do I have an appointment that slipped through the cracks?” “Someone is looking to hire me and wants to talk about my services” Either way, […]

There’s an old saying that goes something like this; How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! And that’s how you’re going to send 500 highly targeted emails WITHOUT ever breaking a sweat! Each morning, BEFORE you head off to work, send out two emails, to two people you want to get […]

You know that place on an email where you have your auto signature? It’s actually FREE advertising space and I’m guessing that you aren’t taking advantage of it! Here’s the rub . . . Go to your email settings and pull up your auto signature (don’t worry, we aren’t going to change the actual signature). […]

I have some good news and some bad news about your sales emails. First, the good news. The average open rate for sales emails is now about 21%. How is that good? It used to be 18%. And now the bad news; That still sucks! Let’s look at two reasons why the vast majority of […]

Want to improve the effectiveness of your prospecting efforts? Create a “communication map”. A “communication map” is when you think 3 “prospecting moves” at a time and outline; What the flavor of your message is going to be. How you will deliver that message (Call, Email, FedEx, LinkedIn etc) How/When each “touch” occurs in the […]

We’re a little less than one week out from our 20 Emails That Get Opened, Read & Responded To webinar. Here’s the plan; It all takes place on Thursday, August 24th, at 11:30 am EST. I’m going to teach you my 4 step messaging framework, share my 20 best sales emails, and then send you on […]

With the average open rate for sales emails at 18%, the subject line is clearly our first line of defense. Here are 3 things you should avoid in your subject line; Putting an “RE” or “FWD” In The Subject Line: Sales is built on trust and I’m going to go out on a limb and say […]

If I were to tell you that the first 1-2 sentences of a sales email are critical, you’d probably roll your eyes and say “Duh!”. If I were to ask you why the first 1-2 sentences matter, you’d probably say (with a more intense eye roll) “Because we need to get their attention immediately” and […]

When it comes to sales emails, the odds are a tad against us? Why? Well for starters its a REALLY, and I mean a REALLY noisy channel. How noisy? Try 265 BILLION emails daily. Radicati Group Next, you have a person who today alone will consume 100,000 words of content (34 gigabytes). University of California, San Diego  They […]

It’s a question worth reflecting on . . . How many different sales emails do you have in your arsenal? After you ponder that, ponder this; Do you think a few more might help the “courtship” along? If email is a huge part of your outreach, then you really do need to have several at your […]